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Nursery Provision

Nursery Provision at our school

We are very proud to provide Nursery provision for children from 3 years old. 

The children in our Nursery are able to attend Monday to Friday. This full-time attendance is equivalent to 30 hours' provision.

How does funding work for my Nursery child?

We would love to welcome your child to Nursery from when they are 3 years old. 

Once your child has their third birthday, they can attend Nursery with us. A child attending Nursery before their funding is awarded will have associated costs involved (please see the guidance below). 

The government offers free childcare from the term following your child's third birthday. Your child can access 15 hours free childcare per week and then you can also apply for 30 hours free childcare, both to be funded the term following their third birthday.

We recommend that you apply for the 30-hour Nursery funding, as it enables you to be flexible in your choice of the days/times your child attends throughout the week. This is very important when your child's Nursery class is full.

 When do I apply for my child's free childcare?

 You can apply from when your child is 2 years and 36 weeks old.

When your child turns 3

When they can get 30 hours from

Recommended time to apply

1 September to 31 December

Term starting on or after 1 January

15 October to 30 November

1 January to 31 March

Term starting on or after 1 April

15 January to 28 February

1 April to 31 August

Term starting on or after 1 September

15 June to 31 July

You can apply outside of these recommended dates but you might not receive your code in time.

You must have a valid code by the end of the month before a new term starts.

What are the costs involved in my child attending Nursery?


A child attending before their funding is awarded:

AM or PM (single session) = £12.50

Lunchtime cover = £2.50

School provided lunch (£2.50 per meal) – or their own home packed lunch


A child attending once their 15-hours funding is awarded:

Lunchtime cover = £2.50

School provided lunch (£2.50 per meal) – or their own home packed lunch

Any sessions over the15 hours will be charged at £12.50 per 3-hour session (1/2 day).


A child attending once their 30-hours funding is awarded:

Lunchtime cover = £2.50

School provided lunch (£2.50 per meal) – or their own home packed lunch 


The Lunchtime cover cost is to cover the care over your child's lunchtime (11:45 - 12:15).

When your child joins our school, they will be given a Parent Pay account. Parent Pay is a cashless system, whereby all costs for school trips, Nursery or wraparound provision are made available to pay online. 

What are the Nursery session times?

The Nursery session times are set out below:

AM sessions - 08:45-11:45

Lunch - 11:45-12:15

PM session - 12:15-15:15. 

If your child is attending in the morning only, please collect your child at 11:45.

15-hours funding

Every child is awarded 15-hour funding, we are very flexible here at our school and will work with you and your family to enable your child to use their funding across the week, 

30-hours funding

As stated, if applicable, we recommend you apply for the full-time Nursery funding, as this means your child can attend Monday- Friday throughout term time. In our experience, children build up their attendance across the terms, dependent on your family commitments.

We will need to see an original copy of your child's birth certificate, a note of your 30-hour code and the National Insurance Number of the parent/carer that applied for the funding. 

Please contact Mrs Raine at the school office, if you have any further questions:

  • e:
  • t: 01740 630339

Wraparound Provision

We also offer additional wraparound provision in school, this includes Breakfast Club, after-school clubs and Bishopton Buddies Extra!