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Breakfast Club and Bishopton Buddies Extra!

Breakfast Club and Bishopton Buddies Extra!

Bishopton Buddies Extra provides exciting activities each night after school for your child to enjoy!

We are pleased to be able to meet the needs of all parents/carers by offering our own in-house wraparound provision.

A fantastic feature of our Breakfast Club and Bishopton Buddies Extra is that children will know the very experienced staff that run the wraparound provision, this helps the children to settle and relax in a familiar setting. 

We provide tasty food and drink at our Breakfast club and the later evening sessions, this is important for your child's wellbeing.  

What do you offer for before and after school?

Breakfast Club is available from 07:30-08:40 and the children have a light breakfast (this includes a choice of cereal, fruit, yoghurt and a drink).

After-school provision is available from 15:15-17:30 with the session split into two different pricing options (see below for costings). 

What will this cost?

Breakfast Club

07:30 - 08:40 (£5.00)

 Buddies Extra - PM Session 1

15:15 - 16:15 (£3.00)

 Buddies Extra - PM Session 2

15:15 - 17:30 (£8.50)

Please make your child's booking on Parent Pay. Your child is set up with a Parent Pay account when joining school and we use this method to pay for everything due for your child e.g. trips, wraparound care etc. When you are booking on Parent Pay, you can pick the date and time needed for your child's care.

 Bishopton Buddies Extra! - Our weekly schedule






Games and Jigsaws




Arts & Crafts


Movie Night with popcorn & treats!




What if my child attends a club and then wants to go to Buddies afterwards until 17:30? We are very mindful of the financial stress faced by many families. Therefore, we have implemented a reduced cost of £5.50 for the late session, so that every child that is in school from 15:15 - 17:30 will pay the same overall rate of £8.50.

Late collection: There will be a charge of £5 for every 5 minutes. This charge is to cover the costs of staff remaining beyond their normal working hours and is not a penalty cost. We will be considerate of emergency events.

Cancellation: If notification of an absence does not meet the full working 5 days required it will be necessary to still make the charge due to the staff cover needed.  

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