Our children and staff have worked together to decide what Science looks like in Bishopton Redmarshall CE Primary School. As well as teaching the National Curriculum, here are our Principal Aims for Science in our school.

Science in our School should:-

  • be fun and exciting
  • challenge our thinking
  • help us to find out about the World
  • help us to know about ourselves
  • be practical - HANDS ON!
  • inspire our futures
  • give us experiences inside and outside the classroom
  • be taught at least once a week
  • link to our other subjects
  • help us to communicate, share our ideas and work together

(Children and Staff of Bishopton Redmarshall CE Primary School)


National Curriculum Science Programmes

Class 3 have been outside in the sunshine today identifying forces.

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Image result for push and pull forces


Well Done to the winners of our poster competition

Discover and Explore

Your entries are now winging their way to enter the National, British Science Week competition

1st Place

Sophia Crosby- Stewart     Class 4

Runners up

Jessica Mcqueenie                                       Elsie Poole

Class 4                                                         Class 4

British Science Week


 This year's theme for British Science Week is Discovery and Exploration

Our school has decided to explore 'Plastic' . This week each class will be carrying out an investigation connected with plastic. Look out for our findings on display in school shortly.

Poster competition



Why not try the virtual Race from the ASE ( Association for Science Education)  It looks Fun!


 Link on the picture for a link