Class 2- April 2020

Thursday 30th April

Hello everyone.

Did you know that today is Captain Tom Moore's birthday. He is 100 years old. 

The Queen sends personal messages to people who turn 100!

Keep up with your exercises today and try to get out in your garden or go for a walk if you can. 


Click on the link below for your daily activities:




Information about Captain Tom:





A podcast about Florence Nightingale:



Listen to Captain Tom's Number One Chart Song



Lesson: To recognise lines of symmetry within 2D shapes.


Don't forget it is your last day to take part in the Sumdog Challenge! 


Happy Birthday Captain Tom Moore!

Coronavirus: Capt Tom Moore's NHS fundraiser hits £17m - BBC News



Pictures of the day! 


Abigail has been working hard on her Fantastic Mr Fox reading comprehension.



Using the Oak National Online Academy to learn about 2D shapes! 


Searching for right angles around the home. Great job Eden!


Eden used the computer to create a fact file on Fascinating Foxes. These pages are superb!


Using BBC Bitesize to learn about history!


Lots of work going on. Great effort children. Keep it up!



Wednesday 29th April

Good morning children

Are you ready for PE this morning? It's a great way to start the day. 

Well done to those children taking part in the Sumdog challenge.  Earlier in the week Katy, Emillie and Romi made it to the top 10 on the leaderboard!


Click on the link below for your daily activities:




Today you can learn about right angles in 2D shapes at the Oak National Online Academy.



Keep up with your reading on a daily basis. Remember to use Oxford Owl to access books for your age.



BBC Bitesize has an animation to watch all about night and day.


Enjoy your home learning today and keep sending me in your  pictures. It brings a smile to my face to keep up with what you are all up to!


Take a look at some pictures from this week


A super piece of writing from Katy about Life on board the HMS Endeavour!


Great writing about Boggis, Bunce and Bean!


Brilliant research on African foxes!


Very interesting facts Katy!


Katy's very creative shield!

I love it!


Good Afternoon Class 2!





Tuesday 28th April 

Hello everyone! 

How did you get on yesterday with all of your activities? I hope you enjoyed learning about what life on board the HMS Endeavour would have been like. 

Today we are going to have a go at some online teaching lessons from the Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize. I hope you enjoy them!


Click on the link below for your daily activities:




Foxes Fact File. Click on the link below:



If you feel like a bit of singing today, here's a link to another song you all love to sing at school:


I will be singing along with you at home.


Enjoy your day children.



Monday 27th April


Good morning children.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. How many of you completed the skipping challenge last week? Thank you for the video footage that some of you sent in. Great job!


Today let's start with our 30 minute PE session with Joe Wicks. It's a great way to wake us all up! Who dressed up on Friday with Joe?


Click on the link below for your daily activities:




Join in with the Months of the Year song this morning. Click on the link below: 

Time problems: 



The Darlington Sumdog Challenge continues this week. 

Learning Zone – Portfield School 




Click on the link below to watch a short video about Life on board HMS Endeavour:



Let's have a look at what some of you have been up to!



Melting chocolate!


Making yummy pizzas!



Dictionary work!



Enjoying the sunshine!


Abigail's Wanted Poster. Super work!



Katy's Wanted Poster. Wow fantastic illustration! 


Katy found a caterpillar!


Writing about the caterpillar - brilliant!


Have a good day everyone!

Coronavirus: Rainbow posters from around the country show how ...


Friday 24th April

Well done children for all your hard work this week.

Today, let's start with a song. I know that this one is a firm favourite.

Click on the link below to sing along: 


What a great way to begin a Friday morning. Did anyone sing along with you?


Did you know it's National Skipping Day today?

The sun is shining so why not join in! 

Skipping Workout:
20x single bounce
20x double bounce
20x alternate foot hops
20x skiers
20x side swings

Repeat for a total of 15 minutes 



Sumdog Challenge also begins today! 

Good luck everyone!


Click on the link below for your daily activities:




Time powerpoint:


Flower clock


Time worksheet




Watch this Fantastic Mr Fox trailer. Click on the link below:





Plants powerpoint:




What have some of you been up you?


An amazing shield in celebration of St George's day!


A beautifully decorated shield!


Working on time problems!


Making ramps!


Making art in the garden!


Working out to Jump Start Johnny!


Learning about Captain Cook's First Voyage.


St George's Day Mosaic Maths!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Thursday 23rd Thursday

St George's Day


St George's Day in England remembers St George, England's patron saint. The anniversary of his death, which is on 23rd April, is seen as England's national day. According to legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess.


Today your daily activities will all be linked to St George and the Dragon

Click on the link below to listen to the story:



Choose from the activities below:

Why not start your day with an art activity.

St George had a shield to protect him. Make your own shield with pictures of things that you like.

Coat of Arms Craft - Family Crest Craft - Preschool Craft ...


Read about St George and the Dragon and answer some comprehension questions:



How about trying out some Maths Mosaics!



Who enjoys colouring by numbers?



What about wordsearch fun!



Dragon crafts!

Can you make a dragon pencil pot?

Free Teachers St George's Day Craft Ideas | Baker Ross | Creative ...


Enjoy your day



Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed making something for the Queen's birthday yesterday.

Let's have a look at what some of you have been doing.


Wonderful rainbow pictures using skittles and water.






Celebrating the Queen's birthday


Making Royal people out of wooden pegs!


Writing a diary entry!


Life on the farm!


 Click on the link below for your daily activities:


Click on the link below for the maths time problems:



Watch this short video about Captain Cook's First Voyage:



Click on the link below for the James Cook mapping activitiy:



Did you know it is Earth Day today?

Here are a few craft ideas if you want to take part in this special day:


Or maybe collage art!

Earth Day Handprint Craft

A great way to celebrate our Earth on Earth Day 2020.


Have a good day everyone.

Enjoy playing outside in the sunshine!


Tuesday 21st April 


Did you know it is Queen Elizabeth's birthday today?

Let's celebrate her birthday with some fun activities.

Click on the link below for your daily activities:



Thank you for your pictures


Look at all these clocks! Wow!

 You have found lots around your home! 


What a great list of different types of clocks. Great job!




Enjoy the day sharing the Queen's birthday celebrations!



Monday 20th April


Good morning children. I hope that you all enjoyed your Easter break and were able to complete some fun Easter activities.

Hopefully we will all be back at school soon, but for now let's continue to enjoy our home learning tasks each day. 

How many of you continued with Joe Wicks' PE sessions over Easter?

Well, let's make a great start to the day and complete our 30 minutes of exercise.

I'm ready.

Are you?


Click on the link below for your daily activities:




Geography World Map 11" Children's/Toddlers' Wall Clock

Clock template:


Clock worksheet:




How 250 years on Captain James Cook Can Still Shape Tomorrow's ...


Captain James Cook Reading comprehension:



Captain Cook powerpoint:






Friday 3rd April

Good morning children.

You have now completed two weeks of working from home.

A huge well done to all of you and the adults that have been supporting you. 

I have really enjoyed receiving your wonderful pictures and your emails. 

An enormous thank you to all our NHS workers and all the other Key workers who are keeping things going. Who joined in with the clapping for these amazing people last night? 


Over Easter you can keep up with your reading and practise your maths on Sumdogs and TT Rockstars.

If you click on the picture below you can access some Fun Easter Activities to do while you are at home.





Super pictures. Thank you!


Reading in the car!



Reading in the bath tub!


Reading in the garden.


Reading on the trampoline!



Paper bunny crafts!



Click on the link below for your daily activities:



I'm thinking about you all and miss you very much!



Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Class 2

I'm very impressed with how hard you are all working.

Keep it up!

Today, would you like to learn how to draw an Easter Bunny?

Click on the link below to find out how:



Some more super pictures!


Measuring ingredients and using scales to make yummy cakes!



Planting sunflower seeds!


Painting pots!


Did a panda escape from Edinburgh zoo?



Click on the link below for your daily activities:



Wednesday 1st April

Hello everyone!

Hope you're enjoying some Easter crafts this week.

Today you might want to try some Easter Baskets. 

Click on the link below:


What have you been up to? Take a look at these wonderful pictures. 



Yummy cakes!


Reading 'The Dandy'


Click on the link below for your daily activities: