Every School Day Counts!!!

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Attendance Leaflet - Information for Parents/Carers

Have a look at the information below to see why good attendance is so important for your child.

                                       365 Days in a Year


175 days not in school – all this time for shopping, holidays, appointments etc!












190 days in school




















 180 days in school 

10 days lost

  171 days in school 

19 days lost

  161 days in school 

29 days lost

 152 days in school 

39 days lost

143 days in school 

47 days lost



95% attendance

90% attendance

85% attendance

80% attendance

75% attendance

 If you are 5 minutes late each day, this adds up to over 3 days lost each year!

If you are 15 minutes late each day, this is the same as being absent for 2 weeks a year!

So, well done to everyone who has over 95% attendance!

Weekly Attendance class winners are announced on Marvellous Me each week. Keep up the good work!!!

Attendance Policy