Class 4

Class 4 Curriculum Overview 2020- 2021

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 Spring Term 1


 Class 4 Online Learning Weekly Time table


Class 4 Spring Lockdown Gallery 2021

Thank you to everyone who has sent in photos so far. They are fabulous. I've included the nature shots in our gallery but will also be putting them in the gallery on the Science page.

Emotional Wellbeing

This week (1 - 7 Feb) is Children's Mental Health Week. Here are a few resources to help us look after our Mental Health. Miss Spence has put an activity for each day this week on our Mental health and Wellbeing Page. The week is introduced by the Duchess of Cambridge take a look.


Colour Online                            Yoga                                     Write A Journal



       Breathing Exercises              Emotion Clouds                     Listen To Nature




Spring Term 2 2021


Friday 26th February 2021

Friday is here already. That went quickly. Just one more week's home learning then we're all back together. Hurray!

It was great to see so many of you in our Teams meeting. I did enjoy the games. Some more next week AND I've worked out how to get the sound coming through on the song so we'll all be able to sing along too. Not too strenuous a day today so let's go.



Year 5                                                                              Year 6


Maths Skills

Year 5                                          Answers


Year 6                                         Answers



Thank you to Bella and Tilly for sending in their completed Henri Rousseau style jungles. They're great girls. You can really see how you've build them up foreground, middleground and background.

Bella                                                                   Tilly


Today we are going to practice drawing some more jungle animals for anyone who wants to add some into their pictures. Enjoy!


Have a super day children and a wonderful weekend hopefully it will be a bit



Thursday 25th February 2021

Good morning Everyone,

Hope your week is going well despite the rainy weather. I'm looking forward to seeing and speaking to everyone this afternoon on our Teams meeting. Lots to get through before 2 o'clock so I won't delay you.

Here we go!

Wake and Shake

Keeping with Supermovers this week let's dodge and shoot some alien space craft.

Maths Meeting







What amazing rainforests you have created. They are just brilliant!!! (click on photos to enlarge)

Bobbi's rainforest                                                        Teddy's rainforest


Bella's rainforest                                                Tilly's rainforest


If anyone else has pictures of their rainforests please send them in. If you have sent it in and I've missed it - my apologises - please can you resend.



Have a good day and I'll see you at 2pm for our class teams meeting.




Wednesday 24th February 2021

Good morning Children,

Thank you for the photos you are sending in for our 'Nature and Wildlife' challenge . I'll upload them to the gallery when I'm back in school tomorrow - my home internet struggles with this. If you have sent in some winter photos and would like to add some Spring ones that would be great.

I'm also looking forward to sharing your amazing rainforests in a box models, but you'll have to wait till Geography for that as well! 

What have we got for today?

Wake and Shake

Let's stick with Supermovers and have some Springwatch fun to inspire all you budding photographers.

Maths Meeting


Let's find out if your predictions were correct. Did you workout what was going to happen?





From Mrs Skirving 



Have a good day everyone. 


Tuesday 23rd February 2021

It's good news! We'll all be back in school very soon. I'm so looking forward to having Class 4 back together again. I've lots of fun things planned for us to do through to the summer.

Unfortunately, although this is happening soon it's not immediate so I do need everyone to keep working hard on their home learning.When we return, I will be continuing in class exactly where we finish the home learning so it's very important you keep up to date with all our lessons.

I know I can rely on you all to do this 

What have we got for Tuesday?

Wake and Shake

Maths Meeting




Firstly, just a small reminder your 'Finding Tale' assignment from before half term is due in by Thursday. A big well done to the 6 people who have handed it in so far.

Today we are beginning a new unit of work which I'm sure you'll enjoy. It's a film unit called Lighthouse. Here goes.


We are going to begin some cricket sessions this half-term.

Play the video and have some fun!


Following on from internet safety week I thought we could explore different ways to keep safe, make the most and enjoy our time online.

Check out BBC 'OWN IT'.

Have a good day everyone.



Monday 22nd February 2021

Welcome back Everyone,

I hope you have all had a great half-term. We definitely all needed a break; you worked so, so hard. Hopefully you've managed some outside time last week away from screens. I have - lots of long walks with my dogs and plenty of fresh air. There are certainly signs of spring to be seen now.

Why not get out there, take some photos for our 'Nature and Wildlife competition'. We have a lot of wintery, icey photos in our gallery which are fantastic. Can we add to them showing the earth waking up again?

Don't forget Nigel Pope BBC wildlife documentary producer will be judging your entries. Here is a clip from his recent series 'Stormborn' (3 episodes are available to watch on iplayer- these animals are very well adapted to their harsh environment - fits with our science, don't you think )

Back to the competition, there are prizes for the winners, too, I-spy books and a special book for the overall winner. The closing date for the competition is Monday 8th March 2021. Good Luck Everyone.

Further inspiration, have a look at some of the amazing winning photos from the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Take care, taking your photos though - don't get eaten by a tiger!


Wake and Shake

Maths Meeting


Please complete the questions relating to Chapter 5 Food(Almost), then hand-in your work in assignments on Teams by Wednesday 24th February @4pm.


This is the second lesson on Equivalent Fractions.



Before we start Lesson 2, I must share Bobbi's camouflaged moths from Lesson 1. If you remember it was a very snowy time and I was expecting 

But I got, this. Bobbi created her own background and camouflaged her moths into it. Well done Bobbi, super adaptation.


Lesson 2

(Remember, play the slide show to access the videos in the PowerPoint)

TigTag Login - reposted on Teams

Video Links - incase you can't play them in the PowerPoint 


Investigation recording sheets

Predictions                                        Observations



Spring Term 1 2021 

 Spring Term 1 (Click here to access archived page)





 Autumn Term 2



Thank you Class 4 for a wonderful term. We've had lots of fun. You've worked extremely hard and we are all very proud of you. 

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a bright and hopeful New Year.

Mrs Fielding & Mrs Bellew. xxx

Homework Summary


Christmas Holiday Resources



Some more of the fabulous Caribbean Themed Homework


These look like they are straight out of a carnival - very proud of these!



Dexter's PowerPoint -Wow.                     Ellie's Domino Problem solution


Food Technology has been very popular 

Ellie's Banana Cake







Bella and Tilly have enjoyed cooking a Caribbean Meal too.



 Super Science from Riley Comparing British and Caribbean Animals


 Music has been a firm favourite too. Here are a couple of the contributions


Harry O has shared some steel band music





Lots of Computing happening too. More Scratch projects

Ted                                                    Bella                                                            Tilly